Check Blood Type, Here's What You Need to Know

Blood type check is an examination carried out to find out a person's blood type. There are 2 types of blood grouping that are often used, namely the ABO system and the Rhesus (Rh) system. Examination of this blood type is based on a combination of specific antigens and antibodies that are in the blood cells, which are passed down through genes from parents. For the ABO system, antigens are on the surface of red blood cells and antibodies are in the blood plasma, which is the blood in the form of yellow liquid. This system divides blood groups into 4, namely: Blood type A, has a combination of antigen A and antibody B. Blood type B, has a combination of B antigen and antibody A. Blood type AB, has antigens A and B, but does not have antibodies A and B. Blood type O, has antibodies A and B, but does not have antigens A or B. Meanwhile, the Rhesus (Rh) system divides blood into 2 groups, namely Rh + (positive) for blood that has Rhesus antigens, and Rh- (negative) for
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